Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Impossible project

For all our sakes, i really hope that the impossible project goes well.
After all, everyone loves polaroid film and with the last remaining packs getting more and more sort after and expensive, those of us who dont have all the money in the world to spend on a measly 10 pack of film will never again be able to experience the joy of pushing down the shutter on an old Sun600 and hearing the mechanics inside that little box whirl round and exerting the polaroid picture we love to shake so well (although you shouldnt shake polaroid pictures unless you want runs in the image, your supposed to put then somewhere warm to develop
If all goes smoothly, the impossible project will be able to sort out and fix any issues with the current production method of polaroid film and start mass producing it again at the start on 2010. 
Yay for instant film!
Of corse there is still the fuji film instant packs and cameras, but i have never come across one that looks as good as a polaroid camera.
Thats enough blogging for today. Im sure i will update this again soon. Thank you for reading. 
amy x

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