Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sunday, 24 May 2009

had enough.

my FMP was late in by about 40 minutes because there was a huge cue for the printer and i was last...didnt help that i got stuck with the slowest computor in the print room eather. and on top of that the one print i managed to get in didnt look anything like what i wanted it to. bloody bollocks to it.
didnt go partying this weekend eather.
bring on the boys and girls getting back into town. is sunday...its sunny and beautiful outside but im stuck in because i managed to get megga burned this morning, im literaly a LOBSTER. i shall put a picture up to re-iterate my point.
theres something wrong with my car. dont know what. cant afford to fix it eather.
i want lots of perfume from Etat Libre d'Orange at because they smell good. the best one is Dont get me wrong baby...I dont swallow.
i have an essay to write befor thursday, no idea what on.
i need to loose about 2 stone befor the masked ball so i can wear the most beautiful dress in the world.
its tims birthday on tuesday and i cant afford to wisk him away somewere lovely for it...cant even aford to take him to smokey joes.

okay enough of my moaning.

i suppose this redness will turn into tan, and my hair is blonder, and summer is here at last, my car will be fine im sure, i had a fantastic sketchbook for my FMP, i will party next weekend, i have testers of most of those perfumes, tim will be happy with sausage, eggs, chips and beans...and loosing weight is easy when you put your mind to it.

now on with the day :)

amy xXx

Friday, 15 May 2009

check it.

these guys look like they know how to live it up.
i want enough polaroid film to make a set of images this lovely.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

a couple of pages from my FMP sketch book...

theres still a lot to be done befor next friday (handinday) but its coming along nicely!

another bit of yummyness!!!

i want to make everything from aunty yochana blog!!!


these look pretty gooooood.
cant wait for my next party!!!

although i should be spending my time doing better things...

...i cant help looking at these beautiful neck adornments!
there so very very lovely and i want all of them for my jewellery boxes!!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

these ones are lovely

i love jens anderson, hes one of my faverit photographers.
these photos in collaboration with sage veughn are beautiful and i want one!!

and as the sun sets.

these photos dont do my evening justice!
i raced the sun to gwenver only to find a cloud bank, but it was still light and warm so i settled myself down my the green bank with a good book (ovid's metamorphoses) and a flask of tea and dreamed my way into the night.
i got there at about 8 and left at about 10.
it was a very beautiful and happy evening and i always forget how bloody much i love that place!!
i had a bronica with me and will put the photos up for it when its been developed.
hopefully they will look better than these.

(not in order of being take, and i have a dirty sencer (and i cant spell)).

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A beautiful place.

This old burned out house in pool was one i fell in love with. It was my faverit place to photograph and be around. The atmosphere was amazing, so eerie and forgotten. The only people that still went there were youths or skag heads to get fucked. I loved it. Everyting about it! But like all old things, it dissapeared after a while. Torn down to make way for "affordable houseing". Such a waste. I would have much prefer to spend time in that old dump than near anything else put in its place.

whichford pottey.

When i went to visit my grandma with my mothjer, we went to whichford pottery in the cotswalds.
i had a camera with me so i took a few snapsss...
there not very well processed, just scanned so far.

Product photography

This was also a college priject (a portrait of two cameras), but it benefited my mum more than me as it only featured her work and i never got a grade for the photos because i missed the hand in date.


Some finnished and un-finnished pieces for a college project, Play2.
I especially like the couple piece of my friends Jodie and Johnny as the colours and textures i encorporated work really well togeather and really make it stand out.

Family life shouldnt be this way.

once upon a time there was my mum and my dad.
they got togeather, and he started cheating on her, this hasnt stopped the whole way through their relationship, so now they are living togeather, hating each other, and me my brother and sister have to live with it.
i cant wait to get out of this place.
i wish i could fix things but all i can do is listen.